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Advanced Fiberglass Products started fabricating custom automotive parts along with hunting blinds that are now sold nation wide along with fiberglass repair.  Since, we have set our goals to custom fabrication of fiberglass in the architectural and restoration field as well as statuary in our product line, Stone Images.  We have had the pleasure of working with architects as well as designers and contractors in reconstructing and preserving historic structures as well as new construction.  We have put great effort in these projects to help preserve as well as minimize cost in construction and future maintenance.  Our staff has over 30 years experience in fiberglass fabrication and are committed to detail and quality that is expected from our clients around the country.  With technology, Advanced Fiberglass Products is able to create quality and longevity in its project performance.  Our  CNC department can take drawings or photos and create renderings for reproduction and create as well as scale drawings of our projects to help assure the projects quality of success.

Advanced Fiberglass Products would like to have the pleasure of working with you on your next project.

Advanced Fiberglass Products creates high quality fiberglass cast resin elements that showcases their ability to craft unique to classic architectural elements.  The only limit to elegance, taste, and design with the look and quality of the past, is your imagination.

Advanced Fiberglass Products has put great efforts in the restoration field.  With our years of experience in fiberglass fabrication, we have achieved the ability to reconstruct and preserve our heritage in historical restoration.  From drawings or photographs, we can reconstruct any architectural structural design or moldings, statuary to stone veneers.

Advanced Fiberglass has over 30 years of experience in custom fiberglass design, mold making, and fabrication.  By incorporating original art, sculpting and class design elements, we create unique pieces that are then casted of resins (cold casted bronze, copper, brass, granite, and marble finished just to name a few) that capture the look and character of old world craftsmanship.  We can also create reproductions of any architectural design, for interior and exterior applications, such as moldings, cornices, arches, ceiling domes, columns, statuary and wall veneers to look like stones.  Our staff is committed to the look and quality you will expect.

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