Advanced Fiberglass Products


Address Footed Cylinder - Medium
Perfect for an entrance and large enough to hold a large tree or plant, this model also can include your address number or a year for a truly custom look (fill-in the address field in the shopping cart when you select options). This model complements any residential or commercial exterior.

Dimensions - 24" wide 18" tall
Weight - 16 pounds

Classic Urn - Medium
A truly elegant look that will add warmth to a room or a rich look outside on the patio. A popular model in many colors, which generously accommodates a small tree, plant or shrub.

Dimensions - 19" wide 18" tall
Weight - 13 pounds

Classic Vase - Medium
An accent planter / vase that can be used indoors or out. Extremely durable, it is lightweight and works great for all seasons. Displays flowers and greenery well and enhances arrangements in interiors.

Dimensions - 14" wide 18" tall
Weight - 16 pounds

Footed Bowl - Medium
An original design for a smart look that complements any style. This planter is a versatile piece and works beautifully indoors and out. Use it as a planter or can be adapted as a small table base with a table top.

Dimensions - 23" wide 18" tall
Weight - 16 pounds

Footed Cylinder - Medium
A sleek, simple design enhances the entryway of your home or business. Can be customized with a logo or address number giving a rich impression to visitors.

Dimensions - 24" wide 18" tall
Weight - 16 pounds

Molded Box - Medium
Reminiscent of handmade wooden boxes, this style is a great accent piece with bold, simple lines. Fits perfectly in a corner or where you need a closer fit against a wall.

Dimensions - 18" wide 18" tall
Weight - 16 pounds

Molded Cylinder - Large
A large, distinctive shape that is perfect for our custom logo and image options, this planter is ideal for large plants and small trees. Great in expansive commercial settings.

Dimensions - 30" wide 26" tall
Weight - 40 pounds

Rolled Cylinder - Large
Its smooth, rounded design makes the rolled cylinder ideal for large foliage and trees. A classic look for traditional or contemporary interiors and exteriors.

Dimensions - 27" wide 26" tall
Weight - 40 pounds

Rolled Cylinder - Medium
Its smooth, rounded design makes this medium rolled cylinder ideal for foliage and medium-sized trees and shrubs.

Dimensions - 23" wide 18" tall
Weight - 16 pounds

Rolled Urn - Large
Surpremely elegant, this large planter is at home on the patio or by the front door. The smooth, curved shape softens landscaping and accentuates the backyard.

Dimensions - 35" wide 26" tall
Weight - 40 pounds

Traditional Scroll - Medium
Our most popular and enduring style, the scrolls add dimension and classic lines to this planter. Suitable for medium-sized plants and arrangements, this is a wonderful accent that can frame an area when in pairs.

Dimensions - 25" wide 18" tall
Weight - 19 pounds

Winged Cylinder - Large
One of our largest models, the winged cylinder is perfect for trees and large arrangements to complement a large area. Surprisingly lightweight for its size and great for outdoor settings.

Dimensions - 33" wide 27" tall
Weight - 40 pounds

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